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Fred Sandahl's 1955 John Deere 70 Diesel




   This tractor was purchased by my father in 1965 from  the Sondag and Roscoe John Deere dealership in Clarinda Iowa . Both engines are original and run excellent. In all the years it was used only the lower transmission shaft and the head had to be replaced. It has been a good work horse every year until 10 years ago and since then it  was used only for planting. In the summer of 2005 it was repainted and retired. Now it only goes on tractor drives and shows.  The John Deere 70 held the fuel economy record for many years.  It would run about 55 horse on the dino and in hard field work,  it would only burn at the most, two gallon an hour.  With now days fuel prices, it is an excellent tractor to take on tractor drives, as it uses almost no fuel.      Fred



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Planting spring of 2004

Show me tractor cruise in Missouri summer of 2005

John Deere Model 70
General Specification:
Years Produced: 1953-1956
First Serial Number: 7000001
Last Serial Number: 7043757
Total Built: 43,000 (approx.)
Price, New: $2,800 (1955)
Horsepower (rated): Drawbar PTO/Belt
Gasoline 44.2 50.4
Tractor Fuel 41.0 45.0
LPG 46.1 52.0
Diesel 45.7 51.5
Engine Displacement:
Gasoline & LPG 379.5ci
All-Fuel 412.5ci
Diesel 376.0ci
Engine Rated rpm: 975 Diesel: 1,125
Wheels/Tires, Standard Tires
Rear: 12.0x38
Front: 6x16
Length (inches): 134.6
Height to Radiator (inches): 65.6
Weight (pounds): 6,035
Speeds Forward 6