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John Deere 4020

Joyce Orr's 1938 F20

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This is the tractor in the early 50s

on the Raymond Whitehead's farm


This is Lanny Plowing

The Spring of 2004




The late Raymond Whitehead was the owner of this 1938 F20 Farmall. He purchased it at the Harold Minard farm sale in March 1952 and farmed with it until the 60s so I never remember him not having it. An old board was bolted down across the drawbar that I would stand or set on for hrs. He mowed the road ditch with it and I would watch him as he maneuvered it up and down the banks, as a kid I honestly thought he could drive that tractor to hell and back as he went anywhere with it. He had no power steering but he could turn that spinner like he did. The picture of the tractor being stuck is around 1952 or 53 with Skippy West and my dad standing there. Mother must of taken it and I bet my dad was jawing at her when she did, as he would not of wanted to be caught in such a predicament. If anyone remembers Skippy he was just slightly over 5 foot tall and my dad was a good six foot so they made quite the pair. Dad had a front scoop that he put on it which you tripped by hand. It was a big apparatus, with the weight of dirt, it must have been quite hard to handle.  I can still see him cranking the F20 with one swift turn and it hitting on one try. My dad quietly beamed with pride when Lanny and our son Mark took an interest in it and restored it. Dad got to see it in several New Market parades but I so wished he could have seen Lanny plow with it this past March. I have a feeling it would of brought tears to his eyes. The hard work and determination of those days must always be shared and remembered.  This is just a few memories I have of the old F20.


By Joyce Orr

International Harvester  Farmall F-20

  Production: 1932-1939 

Length: 139"  Width: 95.5" Height: 76   Weight: 4500  

Belt Hp: 27.84  Draw bar Hp: 20.64  Maximum Pull: 2927 

Number of Plows: 2   Fuel Efficiency: 10.53

Engine: IHC 4 Cylinder   Displacement: 220.9 Bore: 3.750  Stroke: 5.000

   Rpm: 1200  Magneto: E4-A or F-4  

Air Cleaner: IHC 60 Carburetor: Zenith K-5 1.25"  

 Pulley Size: 15.5x6.5 Pulley Rpm: 654 Pto Diameter: 1.125  Pto Rpm: 505

  Forward Speeds:  2.25, 2.75, 3.25, 3.75   Reverse Speeds: 2.75  

 Front Tires: Steel, 6.00x16  Rear Tires Steel, 9.00x36, 10.00x36, 11.25x28


This is the farm sale where the tractor was bought in 1952