Benefits of Tractors in Agriculture and Modern Farming

tractor farming

Agriculture plays a big part in our lives. When we speak about agriculture, we also connect it to farming and we speak about farming we also connect it to tractors.

Tractors have been traditionally used in farming and other agricultural tasks. They are used in landscape maintenance, lawn care, clearing bushes and spreading fertilizers.

Tractors first emerged in the 19th century. It was in 1903 when Charles W. Hart and Charles H. Parr successfully built a two-cylinder gasoline engine tractor.

During 1916 to 1922, a lot of companies have been producing tractors for farm uses. John Deere created the first steel plow in 1837. The general purpose tractor was introduced in 1928. This tractor allows planting and cultivating three rows at a time. The evolution of tractor continued and in 1966, John Deer became the first manufacturer to offer tractors with a roll bar to help protect the operator. In the 1970s tractors has a feature of giving operators more comfortable seats. It also developed other innovations such as tractor tire chains that help your tractor power through. As technology advances, the technology in farming has become more advanced addressing as well to the demand of tractors in the market.


What are the benefits of tractors in agriculture and modern farming?

  • Wide range of Options – with a wide range of options that is available, it has become important that you do some research and make a list of which type of tractors that you have based on its functions
  • Power and Durability – tractors are meant to work even on tough terrains and can pull heavy loads. These modern tractors are built to last longer.
  • Ease of operation and in transmission – most modern tractors have an automated transmission system that makes its operation easier. They feature hydrostatic and power shift transmission that allows it to run over rough terrain and also allows them to pull a heavy load. This feature also will ensure your safety in operating your tractor.
  • Versatility – With a wide range of models to choose from, these modern tractors are designed and manufactured to offer versatility in performing many tasks.

Tractors have been traditionally and still is important in the agriculture industry. Its advantages vary from a small farm as well as in a regular lawn or garden.